Canva Textured Fonts

How to Enhance Your Etsy Shop Creations with Textured Fonts Using Canva

Are you an Etsy shop owner looking to spice up your custom t-shirt, mug, cake topper, or themed party creations? Textured fonts from are your secret weapon! Especially in a versatile design tool like Canva, these fonts can add a unique touch that sets your products apart. Here’s why our fonts are perfect for Canva users and a step-by-step guide on how to use them effectively.

Why Use Textured Fonts in Canva

Uniqueness: Our collection at, inspired by popular culture, movies, and cartoons, offers exclusive textures that make your designs stand out. Whether it’s a vintage look from a classic cartoon or a bold statement from a blockbuster movie, our fonts add a layer of design that attracts customers looking for something truly special.

Versatility: These fonts are designed to be versatile across various products, making them perfect for Etsy shop owners who specialize in custom merchandise. Our colored textured fonts work seamlessly in Canva, allowing you to create consistent aesthetics across different items.

Ease of Use: Canva’s user-friendly platform combined with our textured fonts makes design accessible to everyone, from beginners to experienced graphic designers. This ease of use enhances your creative process, saving you time and effort.

👉How to Write with CANVA Color Textured Fonts:

  1.  Purchase your preferred font (with the "FONT TEXTURED BITMAP" in 'What is included' section!, example: Dexter Textured Font ).
  2.  Download all zip files.
  3.  Extract all archives.
  4.  Navigate to the textured folder and locate the textured font file (when  presented with two textured files, please select the one with 'Canva' in name.
  5.  ⚠️ Open Canva Pro.
  6.  Create your desired format.
  7.  Click on the 'T text' tool to input your text.
  8.  Highlight your text and navigate to 'Canva Sans'.
  9.  Below, you'll find the option 'Upload a font'; click on it.
  10.  Choose the textured font file from your folder and click 'OPEN'.
  11.  You'll need to confirm by clicking 'Yes, upload away!'.
  12.  In the Canva font search bar🔎, type the name of the font and click on it to select.

🎉 Congratulations! You’ve successfully added a unique, textured font to your design in Canva.

Using our colored textured fonts in Canva can significantly elevate the quality and appeal of your products, making them stand out in a crowded marketplace. Follow these steps to start incorporating unique fonts into your designs and watch your Etsy shop thrive!

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